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Indulge in Clouds of Sweet Maple Bliss with Sugartree Maple Farm’s Maple Cotton Candy

Experience the enchantment of our Maple Cotton Candy – a confectionery masterpiece that effortlessly melts on your tongue, releasing a magical burst of sweet maple flavor. Light, airy, and utterly delicious, each bite is a journey into pure sugary delight.

Savor the moment knowing that our Maple Cotton Candy is crafted with care, offering a shelf life of 1-2 weeks. Keep unopened containers in the freezer for extended enjoyment, where the magic lingers for up to two months.

Transport yourself to a world of sweetness with Sugartree Maple Farm’s Maple Cotton Candy – a treat that captures the essence of pure maple in every ethereal strand.

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Weight .3 lbs

Real maple sugar and granulated sugar.