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A Dream Blossoms into Syrup

Loading wood into the firebox of the evaporator at Sugartree Maple Farm

Amy Yandow loading wood into the firebox of the evaporator at Sugartree Maple Farm

Nestled across 49 acres of picturesque Vermont woodlands, Sugartree Maple Farm is a testament to a dream that began over a decade ago.

Our journey started with 3,400 taps, selling sap to a neighboring sugarhouse. During the 2009 sugar season, the sweet realization dawned upon us — we yearned to be part of the entire sugaring process, from tree to table.

The dream took root, and by the 2010 season we had 4,000 taps, and our modern, wood-fired Sugarhouse stood proudly on our property, designed and constructed with our hands. From that moment, Sugartree Maple Farm became more than just a name; it became the heart of our maple syrup and product adventure.

A Symphony of Sap: Tapping Into Innovation

As we dance into each new season, we continually expand, boasting an impressive network of tubing and taps, with plans to add even more in the years to come. Embracing innovation, we’ve introduced a vacuum system to gracefully extract sap from our trees, ensuring a smoother journey from the sugarbush to the Sugarhouse.

Adding a touch of technological magic, our sugaring process includes a reverse osmosis machine, an alchemist in our maple-making journey. This marvel evaporates 75% of the sap’s water content before reaching the evaporator, processing 600 gallons per hour. Not only does this save time, but it also preserves the essence of our sap, making our syrup an authentic taste of Vermont.

Mark and Amy Yandow working in their sugarbush at Sugar Tree Maple Farm

Meet Amy and Mark Yandow, owners of Sugartree Maple Farm, working hard to tap the maple trees in their sugarbush

From Our Forest to Your Table: Explore Our Maple Wonderland

Indulge your senses in the rich aroma of our wood-fired Sugarhouse as you browse our online Maple Store. Beyond the liquid gold of pure maple syrup, discover the creamy delight of maple cream, the sweet allure of maple candy, and an array of other exquisite maple-infused treasures.

At Sugartree Maple Farm, we don’t just produce maple products; we craft an experience. Join us on this journey, where every drop of sap tells a story, and each syrup bottle holds the essence of Vermont’s maple magic.

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