Indulge in Nature’s Sweetness at Sugartree Maple Farm

Welcome to Sugartree Maple Farm, where nature’s finest elixir flows straight from our trees to your table. We invite you to savor the pure essence of Vermont in every drop of our 100% natural maple syrup.

2024 Spring Open House!

Open House Part Two: Saturday, March 30th

Get ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of maple delights at Sugartree Maple Farm’s Annual 2024 Maple Open House.

Maple house tours, maple samples, sugar on snow, maple cotton candy, maple hotdogs, music, and of course lots of maple products to purchase. Scrumptious pancake, savory sausage, and bacon breakfast all topped with our irresistibly delicious maple syrup 9-1 by our friends Stine Orchard. Plus, maple-infused adult cocktail drinks 11-4 by BEVO and and fresh-squeezed maple lemonade for the kids.

Don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with maple cotton candy and experience the magic of sugar on snow.

Join us for our open house filled with maple-infused joy, laughter, and the warmth of community. See you there!

Sap bucket collecting sap
Seam rolling up off of boiling sap
Jugs of maple syrup sitting around the base of a maple tree

Discover More Statewide Maple Events Across Vermont

Our Maple Open House Weekend is just a slice of the statewide maple celebration. Visit for a sneak peek into the various events across Vermont during this sugaring season.

Our Story:

A Family Tradition, A Vermont Legacy

Our story unfolds with the rhythmic pulse of the sugaring season, a symphony in which every family member and friend plays a vital role. From the rhythmic hum of chainsaws cutting and stacking firewood to the sweet finale of boiling sap into liquid gold, each step is a labor of love.

While our sap dances through modern plastic pipelines connecting tree to tree, our commitment to tradition remains unwavering. The heart of our operation beats with a new, wood-fired evaporator, a nod to generations past and a promise of the authentic flavor that defines Vermont maple syrup.

Unwrap Sweet Memories:

Unique Maple Gift Ideas

Delight in gifting with Sugartree Maple Farm’s exquisite maple products. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, curating corporate gifts, or marking a special occasion, our maple treasures are the perfect choice. Let us turn your ideas into personalized wonders that fit your budget seamlessly.

Maple Trees:

Our Pride, Your Delight

Beyond being the source of our sweet treasure, the abundance of sugar maple trees in Vermont is why our state boasts vibrant fall foliage. At Sugartree Maple Farm, we cherish these majestic trees for their syrupy secrets and the beauty they paint across our backyard.

If you find yourself in Williston, Vermont, during the sugaring season’s peak, follow the wisps of steam rising from our sugarhouse—it’s a sign of the magic happening within. Take a moment to stop, visit, and indulge in a complimentary sample of our Vermont gold maple syrup.

Navigating the Maple Spectrum:

Understanding Vermont’s New Grading Standards

Embark on a flavorful journey as we guide you through Vermont’s maple syrup grading system to offer syrup enthusiasts a more precise understanding of each bottle’s unique taste experiences.



"You get a very personalized experience. It is a small family run business and you can see their passion and enthusiasm they put into the products. Most importantly, the maple syrup (and maple cream) was amazing! It's a must do thing to do in Vermont!"

— Sean

"Went for Maple Open House weekend - even though it was packed, the whole family was there with smiles on their faces. Delicious homemade treats, super friendly people and delicious syrup. Awesome!"

— Erin

"It was such an amazing experience to see the maple farm in full swing! I loved our tour of the maple making process and walking around the farm to see the drips of maple come from the trees. Thank you!"

— Gemma