Maple Grades

Explore the Art of Syrup: More than Just Sweetness

Beyond being a Sweetener, Vermont’s Maple Syrup Grades are a Canvas of Flavors waiting to be Explored.

Embrace the nuances of each Grade and let your culinary imagination run wild. Welcome to the redefined world of Vermont maple syrup — where every drop tells a unique story of sweetness and depth.

Sap bucket on a maple tree

Decoding the Maple Grades:

A Symphony of Colors and Tastes

Vermont presents four distinct grades under the Grade A umbrella, each boasting its own descriptive name to tantalize your taste buds: Golden Color with Delicate Taste, Amber Color with Rich Taste, Dark with Robust Taste, and Very Dark with Strong Taste. Let’s unravel the essence of each Grade.

Golden Color/Delicate Flavor (Vermont Fancy): A Sweet Prelude

Crafted at the dawn of the maple season, this golden elixir, also known as Vermont Fancy, is a delicate masterpiece. Drizzle it over vanilla ice cream for an unforgettable Vermont maple sundae, and let the subtle notes dance on your palate.

Amber Color/Rich Flavor: The Mid-Season Marvel

Comparable to the former Medium Amber, this syrup captures the essence of mid-season magic. Its rich flavor profile makes it a versatile choice for all occasions. Share it as a delightful gift, or savor it in diverse culinary creations.

Dark Color/Robust Flavor: A Culinary Canvas Unveiled

As the season progresses, the syrup transforms into a darker, more robust character, akin to the former Grade B. This Grade is a culinary chameleon, enhancing recipes with its hearty essence. Drizzle it over baked apples or squash, or use it as a glaze for meats and vegetables for a delectable twist.

Very Dark Color/Strong Flavor: Culmination of Intensity

The grand finale of the maple season brings forth the Very Dark with Strong Taste syrup, even darker than Grade B! Tailor-made for cooking adventures, this Grade elevates Vermont baked beans, breads, and cookies to an unparalleled level of tastiness.