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Sugar Maple Tree

Sugar Maple Tree The maple tree is best known for three things, it’s helicopter seeds which fall to the ground spinning like the blades of a helicopter, it’s fine wood, and the syrup or sugar which is made from its sap. Maple syrup is probably the true fame maker for the maple tree. The sugar […]

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Looks like Sugaring Weather!

Look at those temps!!!! Looks like the sugaring season is soon to start! We are all tapped and ready to go. Today it will be warm enough for us to start cleaning our tanks and evaporator! Stay tune for more updates!

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Sap Bags are Ready to be Hung

We were busy this weekend setting up a couple of our friends with sap bags so they can collect sap from their maple trees and sell us the sap! Also got all 41 of Matt’s and Mackenzie sap bags and buckets today! This weeks weather is looking amazing for the sap to be flowing! 40 […]

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