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Sugartree Maple Farm had a bountiful and successful 2016 maple year.

Sugartree Maple Farm SyrupSadly the demand for maple syrup has emptied our shelves and we have temporarily run out of product to sell.

The 2017 sugaring season will arrive soon and once the sap begins to flow our Maple Store will be open selling our maple syrup and products. So check back next month! Wishing you the sweetest and merriest for the new year.

Maple syrup is 100% natural. It’s straight from our trees and is an excellent source of organic sugar.

Welcome to Sugartree Maple Farm, a Vermont owned sugarhouse operated by Mark and Amy Yandow. We share this wonderful business with our children Matthew and MacKenzie and many other very supportive family members and friends. We all take part in the sugaring process — from cutting and stacking firewood, to the final boiling of the sap into maple syrup.

Yes, our sap is gathered with plastic pipelines strung tree-to-tree instead of tin buckets but we still have a new modern wood fired evaporator to boil down the sap to sweet maple syrup, as it’s been done for generations. If your in Williston, Vermont during the peak of the sugaring season and you see steam rolling from the sugarhouse you’ll know we are hard at work. Please stop to visit and enjoy a free sample of our tasty product of Vermont gold – maple syrup.

Boiling sap in to Maple syrupOur state of Vermont’s high concentration of sugar maple trees is also the reason the state is known for it’s vibrant fall foliage. Here in Vermont we enjoy our sugar maple trees not only for the sweet golden syrup they produce but the beauty they bring to our backyard. So on your next trip to Williston, Vermont please plan to visit us and see why we are called “Sugartree Maple Farm”, and how we produce 100% Vermont pure maple syrup.

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